You'll discover answers to these important Social Security & tax questions:
  • How to figure out which, of over 567 ways to file for Social Security, will help yield you the MOST money over your lifetime
  • How to help reduce or eliminate taxation on your retirement income
  • 2 simple techniques for Social Security filing that could help you claim $100,000+ MORE in benefits over your lifetime
  • How those born before 1954 can potentially use a grandfather provision for higher payouts
  • A way to save over 50% in taxes on your charitable giving under the new tax code
Classes will be held at the Topeka Capital Journal
Kansan Towers
100 SE 9th St.
Topeka, KS 66612
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If you'd prefer a one on one educational 3 step review that's customized to your financial needs and includes:
  • List of tax reduction strategies you're eligible for
  • Measure of current investment risk & if you're getting enough return
  • Calculation of current investment fees, including those that are hidden
  • Retirement income estimates that measure the probability you won't run out of money