The Retirement Team
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The investment landscape has changed.
AssetLock provides an alternative to standard, dated investing method.
We've upgraded the process to help you upgrade your results.
  How Investing Used to Be

When the stock market goes up, investors couldn't be happier. With such a great return, you tell yourself that the highs outweigh the lows. That's until a market crash occurs, like the ones in 2001 and 2008. All of a sudden, the money you made in the market is gone, not to mention the chuck of change you started out with. So if that's what the market can do, what can you do to help prevent this from happening to you?
  Why We Wanted a Change

AssetLock was designed so clients could help eliminate having to hear those awful 4 little words from their advisor ever again, "Just hang in there." Like most Americans, AssetLock desired the profitability of investing in the market, but didn't want to see people lose their hard-earned money to the "wrath of Wall Street." AssetLock was born out of an idea to be able to help the investor control their emotions, and to help prevent losing substantial sums of money when the market goes down.
  How Investing is with AssetLock

AssetLock is monitoring your accounts on the days the market is trading, helping to protect your hard-earned assets, as well as your lifestyle! AssetLock provides a smarter way to do this through patented technology. Invest with confidence knowing AssetLock is helping to protect your money.